Trailblazer: Memoirs of the first female firefighter in England

Hailed as the first full time female firefighter in the UK, Britain, Jo Reynolds joined Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service in 1982 at just 17. She was determined never to be the weakest link. Using that determination and inner strength to overcome prejudice, she proved that women could make great firefighters.

Free spirited and adventurous she left the fire brigade  after 7 years to work on expeditions in the most remote regions of the globe. This nomadic lifestyle suited her, and meant that she found ways to follow her heart, and live a life that is true to her. She is now an entrepreneur and motivational speaker.

Josephine’s talk, drawn from her published memoir, Fire Woman: The Extraordinary Story of Britain’s First Female Firefighter,  will give us a glimpse of her triumphs and crushing defeats, from the daily post-training vomiting sessions brought on by fatigue and the feelings of loneliness as the only woman in the position, to the emotional strain of responding to horrific road accidents and suicides, to the powerful camaraderie she gained among the members of her squad.