On Midsummer’s Day in June1989 U3A Military History Group member John Blakeley, then in the RAF, was lucky enough to be offered a trip in the Boscombe Down Comet 4C (XS235) on a short (3 day) detachment to the US Space Force’s (then USAF) Base at Thule in the north of Greenland. Thule at 79.63N and 68.70W is the northern most US military base in the world – 750 miles north of the Arctic Circle and just 947 miles from the Pole.The visit led to an interest in the WW2 and Cold War history of military bases in the Arctic (and particularly Greenland) and indeed some of the current military issues for the Arctic as both the NW and NE passages open up as a result of Global warming. John’s 2 part Zoom presentation at 2.30pm on 19 January and 16 February will cover some of the history and the current issues involved.

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