Jeremy Prescott explains the introduction of the highest award for gallantry, the stories behind awards to some of the recipients from WW1 To Afghanistan and some of the influences which make the medal so exceptional.

Stephen Jenkins has lived and worked in the US and UK as an educator. Currently based in Dallas, Texas.  Our generation remembers the great explainer of all things American, Alistair Cooke. How would Cooke have commented on the Trump phenomenon while reassuring us and explaining the fractured culture in the US that we may struggle to grasp.

From Alistair Cooke to Donald Trump

Talking from hot early morning Dallas, Texas to a freezing North Norfolk on 6 April 2021, Steven Jenkins mused by Zoom about the qualities of Alistair Cooke, the great explainer of everything American, and what he might have said about Donald Trump. Stephen contrasted the backgrounds of the two men. One, the son of a metalworker growing up in Blackpool whose fascination with America had been awakened by the loquacious and friendly group of US soldiers billeted in his family home in 1917 and the other whose relationships with Americans had been forged by collecting rents from the tough tenants of the apartments built by his father in the Queens District of New York.

Stephen Poulter’s talk is based on extracts from the journals of those who travelled in North Norfolk in the days when this was a more adventurous undertaking and illustrated with sketches, paintings, engravings, and photographs. Stephen is an auctioneer and WEA lecturer.

Life in the French Court, including chateau design, court life, customs, food and contemporary music.

Sarah is an eminent historian of art and architecture.

Julia Allen has long experience of working in the field of commissioning care and dementia support for older people. She will describe the services in Norfolk of the Alzheimer’s society.

Location, Location, Location

peggy jon and phil

Our Chair, Peggy Williams, gave us an engaging and entertaining talk on zoom on 21 July about her experience of featuring in Location, Location, Location in 2013 while she and husband Jon were searching for a house near the sea in North Norfolk. 

On Midsummer’s Day in June1989 U3A Military History Group member John Blakeley, then in the RAF, was lucky enough to be offered a trip in the Boscombe Down Comet 4C (XS235) on a short (3 day) detachment to the US Space Force’s (then USAF) Base at Thule in the north of Greenland. Thule at 79.63N and 68.70W is the northern most US military base in the world – 750 miles north of the Arctic Circle and just 947 miles from the Pole.The visit led to an interest in the WW2 and Cold War history of military bases in the Arctic (and particularly Greenland) and indeed some of the current military issues for the Arctic as both the NW and NE passages open up as a result of Global warming. John’s 2 part Zoom presentation at 2.30pm on 19 January and 16 February will cover some of the history and the current issues involved.

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A lively , engaging and entertaining talk featuring the brief history of guitar, in which I play different styles of guitar from Classical, Spanish and Mississippi Blues music along with my own songs and tunes on 2 Guitars and Venezuelan Cuatro . Anecdotes and stories from a career in music which started in a North Bucks village to performing live on John Peel’s BBC Radio shows, recording nine albums, a single at Abbey Road Studios, writing songs for BBC R4’s Start the Week, 2 Chanel 4 films, tours abroad and playing bottle-neck blues guitar with rural Blues guitarists in Mississippi cotton fields.

Denis Lascelles and other volunteers will set the questions for teams to answer 10 rounds of 10 questions each. Members will be seated in teams at tables of between 4 and 6. The team you are on will be chosen by lot when you arrive - this means that everyone will come as an individual rather than as part of an existing team, and if you are on your own it will be easy to join in.

Colin Hards is talking about “My family under the Blitz”.

Colin’s grandmother never talked about the blitz but he discovered that she had kept detailed diaries of what it was like to live in Dulwich through the second world war through the Blitz and the V1 and V2 rocket dangers.

He has transcribed this into a record for his family and made it into a fascinating presentation which we have invited him to share with us