The celebration of Christmas brings together a broad range of traditions which are now regarded by many as integral to Christmas as a whole. Using a wide range of artworks and covering the output of many well known and lesser-known artists including Giotto, Caspar David Friedrich and Norman Rockwell this talk examines the elements of Christmas in their artistic setting. From the Christmas feast to Christmas Cards,holly and ivy, trees, crackers, gift giving and of course lots and lots of snow, Sarah Pearson’s lecture isguaranteed to put you in the Christmas spirit.

Charles spoke to NNU3A on the subject of Lord Nelson in 2020. This year we have asked him to return to give us the results of his historical research on the Dutch influence in Norfolk.

The Dutch influence in Norfolk

Charles Lewis, our zoom speaker on 6 July, enlightened and entertained us with his account of how Dutch settlers have influenced the social and cultural history of Norfolk since the 16th century.

Starting with weavers, when in 1554 the city fathers of Norwich invited 12 Dutch weavers to bring new weaving methods into use here, and a further 30 weaving households were invited in 1565 to make new cloths and materials, the presence and influence of the Dutch extended into many aspects of Norfolk life.


Brad relates a career in comedy writing and working with famous comedians.

Dr Khamael Al-Faris has a PhD in Criminology and Criminal Justice from Plymouth University and is currently co-ordinating the Scams Prevention Service in Norfolk Constabulary.

The talk will take in the history of the musical from 1927 to the present-day including Showboat, Oklahoma, Guys and Dolls and many more

Chris Forse is a former Hong Kong resident who has travelled extensively in China since 1978 and portrays a fascinating pictorial story of its transformation based on his personal experience.  This is our first use of the Mirthy platform to access recorded talks.

Local resident Nigel Redman is a leading figure in the world of Birds and Natural History guiding 140 tours in 90 countries around the world. Co-author of Where to watch birds in Britain and author of Birds of the Horn of Africa he guides us round this fascinating region visiting well-trodden sites in Ethiopia as well as the less well-known countries of Eritrea, Djibouti and Somaliland.

Waste is not a rubbish subject

Dr. Liz Goodwin OBE has spent the last 20 years of her life as a scientist and CEO of WRAP (Waste and Resources Action Programme) working on the subject of waste and its impact on the sustainability of our lives and the planet. On 20 January, she gave us a fascinating talk about our waste, what happens to it, how much progress is being made in reducing it and treating it as a resource. Liz is clearly used to talking to Ministers, Chief Executives of Supermarkets, Food producers and Local Authority officials so there were plenty of facts to illustrate her points, but her analysis was down to earth and relevant to all of us.

Former Chairman of NNU3A, Vic will talk about his previous role as chairman of the international charity Water Aid and a senior executive will talk about their current work around the world

Location, Location, Location is more than a TV programme. After appearing on the show, with its star presenter Phil Spencer, our very own Peggy Williams realised that there are stories to be told and experiences to recount. Peggy is the narrator of this heartening story, which is very close to home.