October Monthly Meeting - Travels in Search of Birds

bird africa

We were delighted by a talk from local resident and acclaimed wildlife guide and author , Nigel Redman, about his “Travels in Search of Birds in the Horn of Africa”. Nigel’s talk was packed full of information as well as astonishing photographs of the peoples, landscapes, habitats, and the main birds and mammals in this corner of Africa.

Members of North Norfolk U3A have been invited to join in an online quiz on Wednesday 17th February at 2pm. The quiz is being organised by Sutton Bridge U3A and the invitation comes to us via the network of U3A's in which we take part. There's no charge, and like our own quiz there will be no prizes. This is the first time that the U3A's have done an event that's open to all, so do join in if you can.

A stroll through 600 years of street music as heard by princes, paupers and pilgrims. Using historical musical instruments and featuring East Anglian history

Dr Liz Goodwin OBE is one of the UK’s top experts on our waste and its problems. Her experience covers both the big picture of how to treat our waste as a resource and the detail of what to put where.  Liz, with a PhD in Chemistry, worked for ICI and then Zeneca before becoming CEO of WRAP  (2007 to 2016) advising UK Governments on innovative research and action programmes to achieve waste minimisation,  recycling and reduction targets. After retirement she was appointed as Senior Fellow at the World Resources Institute (New York) specialising in the avoidance of Food Waste and is currently Chairman of the London Waste and Recycling Board. 

Commander Tom Herman RN OBE commanded the Starboard Crew of the Polaris missile carrying submarine HMS Renown and his service record stretches back for 40 years.

Our first live Quiz Meeting will be held at Blakeney Village Hall between 10am and 12 noon on Tuesday 1st March 2022.

Denis Lascelles will set the questions for teams to answer 8 or 9 rounds of 10 questions each. Members will be seated in teams at tables of between 4 and 6. The team you are on will be chosen by lot when you arrive - this means that everyone will come as an individual rather than as part of an existing team, and if you are on your own it will be easy to join in.

This event will be free, supported by the Committee as a pilot. We are not yet able to do refreshments, so please bring a hot drink with you if you want.

This is a pilot event and at the end we will discuss whether to continue as a regular monthly Quiz; looking at issues such as time, date, venue, covering the cost, format of the Quiz and constitution of teams.

We do hope you will be able to attend this exciting adventure for our u3a. If you are interested in our Quiz but can not attend the pilot event for any reason please feel free to email David Riddle at  speakerfinder@northnorfolku3a.org.uk with any comments on the points mentioned above.

Susan, after an interesting career in the travel industry, worked as a house steward at both Sandringham and Houghton Hall and relates some of the glamour, historic secrets, and scandals of Sandringham.

Staying Safe Online is led by Barry Linton of Thorpe Bay U3A who has worked in IT his whole working life. The popular presentation had great feedback at previous U3A National Conferences and as a national online workshop in September. Barry has agreed to give his talk to NNU3A members.

Barry worked with David Gibbs of Essex Police who heads the Protection Team in the Essex and Kent Serious Crime Directorate.

The online seminar will talk through the risks of being online, steps that can be taken to keep safe and some of the recent scams that have arisen due to Covid-19. As well as the presentation, there will also be an opportunity to ask questions.

The celebration of Christmas brings together a broad range of traditions which are now regarded by many as integral to Christmas as a whole. Using a wide range of artworks and covering the output of many well known and lesser-known artists including Giotto, Caspar David Friedrich and Norman Rockwell this talk examines the elements of Christmas in their artistic setting. From the Christmas feast to Christmas Cards,holly and ivy, trees, crackers, gift giving and of course lots and lots of snow, Sarah Pearson’s lecture isguaranteed to put you in the Christmas spirit.

Charles spoke to NNU3A on the subject of Lord Nelson in 2020. This year we have asked him to return to give us the results of his historical research on the Dutch influence in Norfolk.

The Dutch influence in Norfolk

Charles Lewis, our zoom speaker on 6 July, enlightened and entertained us with his account of how Dutch settlers have influenced the social and cultural history of Norfolk since the 16th century.

Starting with weavers, when in 1554 the city fathers of Norwich invited 12 Dutch weavers to bring new weaving methods into use here, and a further 30 weaving households were invited in 1565 to make new cloths and materials, the presence and influence of the Dutch extended into many aspects of Norfolk life.