Staying Safe Online is led by Barry Linton of Thorpe Bay U3A who has worked in IT his whole working life. The popular presentation had great feedback at previous U3A National Conferences and as a national online workshop in September. Barry has agreed to give his talk to NNU3A members.

Barry worked with David Gibbs of Essex Police who heads the Protection Team in the Essex and Kent Serious Crime Directorate.

The online seminar will talk through the risks of being online, steps that can be taken to keep safe and some of the recent scams that have arisen due to Covid-19. As well as the presentation, there will also be an opportunity to ask questions.

The celebration of Christmas brings together a broad range of traditions which are now regarded by many as integral to Christmas as a whole. Using a wide range of artworks and covering the output of many well known and lesser-known artists including Giotto, Caspar David Friedrich and Norman Rockwell this talk examines the elements of Christmas in their artistic setting. From the Christmas feast to Christmas Cards,holly and ivy, trees, crackers, gift giving and of course lots and lots of snow, Sarah Pearson’s lecture isguaranteed to put you in the Christmas spirit.

Charles spoke to NNU3A on the subject of Lord Nelson in 2020. This year we have asked him to return to give us the results of his historical research on the Dutch influence in Norfolk.

The Dutch influence in Norfolk

Charles Lewis, our zoom speaker on 6 July, enlightened and entertained us with his account of how Dutch settlers have influenced the social and cultural history of Norfolk since the 16th century.

Starting with weavers, when in 1554 the city fathers of Norwich invited 12 Dutch weavers to bring new weaving methods into use here, and a further 30 weaving households were invited in 1565 to make new cloths and materials, the presence and influence of the Dutch extended into many aspects of Norfolk life.


Jonathan Hooton is a local historian based in Norwich. His two part talk is based on a book he published in 2021 about the Glaven Ports, Blakeney and Cley, from medieval times up to the 19th century and their demise by the time of the First World War. These were thriving ports during the era of the sailing ship. They were impacted first by land reclamation, which led to battles between landowners and ship owners, and ultimately by the development of railways.

This talk is in two parts, Part 1 on 5 July taking us up to 1800, and Part 2 on 4 October covering the later years. Wars, piracy, wrecks, rescues and entrepreneurial skills are some of the topics Jonathan will touch on, along with descriptions of some of the characters involved.

He will also tell us how to find the remaining traces of the ports in the area.

Brad relates a career in comedy writing and working with famous comedians.

Dr Khamael Al-Faris has a PhD in Criminology and Criminal Justice from Plymouth University and is currently co-ordinating the Scams Prevention Service in Norfolk Constabulary.

The talk will take in the history of the musical from 1927 to the present-day including Showboat, Oklahoma, Guys and Dolls and many more

The talk is being given by Dr Ian Bedford, an entomologist based in Norwich.

Mention wasps and most of us think of an annoying, angry yellow and black striped flying insect that delivers a painful sting when confronted.  However, there's around 9000 different wasp species in Britain and their value to us is immense. We'd certainly have a lot of problems without them. This talk explains why. Dr Bedford ran the Entomology Department at the John Innes Centre in Norwich until he retired and now works as an independent consultant entomologist offering advice on safer plant protection products, and he promotes wildlife friendly home gardening. He is also a well known speaker to Garden Clubs, Horticultural Societies and National Garden Shows, and has appeared on TV and Radio, in Gardening and News programmes, and even in Harry Hill's Alien Fun Capsule when "Killer Slugs Returned to Norwich"

The Trouble without Wasps


Dr Ian Bedford informed, and sometimes appalled, members at the monthly meeting in May with his talk about wasps, their life cycles and habits, and why a world without wasps would be an ecological and economic disaster. He started by telling us that “Speksphobia” is the word to describe those with a fear of wasps. No-one owned up or left the meeting at that point, but quite a few wriggled a little.

Trailblazer: Memoirs of the first female firefighter in England

Hailed as the first full time female firefighter in the UK, Britain, Jo Reynolds joined Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service in 1982 at just 17. She was determined never to be the weakest link. Using that determination and inner strength to overcome prejudice, she proved that women could make great firefighters.

Free spirited and adventurous she left the fire brigade  after 7 years to work on expeditions in the most remote regions of the globe. This nomadic lifestyle suited her, and meant that she found ways to follow her heart, and live a life that is true to her. She is now an entrepreneur and motivational speaker.

Josephine’s talk, drawn from her published memoir, Fire Woman: The Extraordinary Story of Britain’s First Female Firefighter,  will give us a glimpse of her triumphs and crushing defeats, from the daily post-training vomiting sessions brought on by fatigue and the feelings of loneliness as the only woman in the position, to the emotional strain of responding to horrific road accidents and suicides, to the powerful camaraderie she gained among the members of her squad.