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Judith Key


On November 12th Judith Key delighted the monthly meeting audience with a practical demonstration of how to paint a landscape in watercolour. Judith specialises in Landscape, Marine and Animal portraiture  and her work can be seen online at .The website is well worth a visit not only for the quality of the paintings but also for the story which is told alongside each of them. Judith talked as she first sketched in pencil the barest outline of the landscape and then painted, explaining the brushwork and specific colours which she was using.  

 “Don’t mix the colours too much, introduce them to each other “ …… “watercolour has a life of its own and you never know exactly how it will look until it is dry”…… “remember to work from light to dark, warm to cool, bright to subdued”. The magic worked and from her quickly applied washes and more delicate brush strokes emerged a painting which we all admired and will auction at the Christmas Tea party. Judith took us through her many finished paintings which included stormy weather, familiar streets scenes in Fakenham and  Walsingham, coastal scenes of the marshes , the boats at Morston, the wide open spaces of the Wash and much more. Judith advised us to just feel the environment before trying to paint or photograph it and to decide which aspects the artist wishes to capture for the eye of the viewer. We heard about Frank who, after lugging all his equipment for a long distance, was confronted with the vast expanse of the Wash with its varied light and multiple shades and said “What is there to paint here”.   As David Riddle said in his vote of thanks this was an excellent example of the U3A ethos of learning, laughing and living.

Vic Cocker ; November 2018