They shall not grow old…. we will remember them.


 My grandfather fought in the trenches at Ypres and his photo, set in my mother's locket, was worn by my wife as we attended the WW1 exhibition at the end of September. The three genealogy groups from Fakenham and Sheringham had worked tirelessly to produce a spectacular array of displays. These not only covered some of their own family histories but also a wide variety of carefully researched topics including the various theatres of war, the three armed services, the home front, medical aspects, the role of women, the food and even the part played by dogs. As if this was not enough, we also had audio visual displays and an enjoyable light buffet. I know that as the research for this day began it soon became apparent how vast the subject was and it was evident that our lives (and emotions) are still affected by the men and women of that time. Sincere thanks to all those who took part in this memorable occasion, of which they can be rightly proud and in particular to Margaret Heyday for coordinating the whole event. Once again we see the depth of talent amongst our members and I wonder what future ventures may yet to be imagined.

Best wishes

Christopher Ley


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