The True Crime group recently held a Criminal Intelligence Analysis workshop led by local author and police intelligence officer Elizabeth Haynes.

Elizabeth Haynes Event

20 members of the group attended this special event, originally planned for March 2020 but derailed by the pandemic, at The Gallow in Fakenham – brilliant venue for a Crime group don’t you think!

Elizabeth outlined the various techniques of intelligence analysis including Hotspot Mapping, Crime Pattern Analysis, and Subject and Telephone analysis. Then, using our new found skills, we became the Gallow Intelligence Bureau. Working in teams of five, we were fed pieces of intelligence and we had to identify what crimes were being committed and by whom. We quickly latched on to the fact that we were not all being given the same information and that we needed to cooperate with other teams to solve the problem– which led a criminal swap shop. At the end of the day, we uncovered a web of criminal activity including people trafficking, drug supply and money laundering.

The group has been running since April 2018. We investigate historical and current crimes and explore criminal justice issues. Most of our sessions are researched and led by group members, with occasional outside speakers

We meet on the fourth Monday afternoon of the month from 2.30 – 4.30pm at The Gallow Sports Centre in Fakenham.

The group is pretty well up to capacity at the moment with 50 group members, but we welcome new members who are able give talks or lead a discussion. For further information contact Susan Riddle on 01328 855270 or by email at