April 2019

New Groups

BEGINNERS GENEALOGY GROUP - Margaret Hayday is offering a short course, aimed at beginners.  As well as researching your family history you could, for example, learn how to research soldiers’ WW1 records, or the history of your home. You would need access to a computer. Meetings would be held at Margaret’s home in Brisley

SPANISH CONVERSATION - a start-up meeting was set up for 8 March with the available interested members and more would be welcome - if you would like to have more information please let us know.

FLAMENCO - this new group will hold a kick-off meeting on 8 April at the proposed meeting venue of SPLASH leisure centre on the Coast Road in Sheringham.  Open to all, this group has sufficient members to get underway but if you would like to Ole! with us please get in touch. We understand it is exerting and there will be a charge payable from the first meeting to cover the venue hire.

NORFOLK’S MILITARY HISTORY -  Enough people indicated an interest in this new group for David King to set up a preliminary meeting held on 19 March. The group will not necessarily be held on a Tuesday afternoon, so don’t be put off if you couldn’t make the meeting. More information next time!

If you would like to be in at the beginning of any of these groups, please give us your name, email address and phone no and we’ll be in touch ASAP.

Queries re these proposed new groups to Susan Riddle or Peggy Williams

Susan Riddle 01328 855270 / Peggy Williams 01263 821317