LOCAL HISTORY GROUP CONTINUES – we are pleased to confirm this group will continue to run by managing the activities co-operatively.  There will be a meeting on 1st November to plan the programme for 2019 and the group will start again in earnest on the 7th February.  At the moment we could accommodate one or two new joiners but are continuing to meet in the members’ homes so will not be expanding it beyond 10 or 11.  If you are interested in learning and researching local history please contact the group through the email.


THE ANNUAL HOLIDAYS GROUP SAVED – a new group contact has stepped forward to pick up the role for a 2019 trip.  Angela Hindley will be publicising the next holiday through the Newsletter and via email so look out for further details.


We are now looking for a new Group Contact for the WALKERS GROUP to take over from Rosemary Thew. We’re sure that there is someone in this large and popular group who could do this, so please don’t be shy in coming forward!  Please contact Rosemary or one of us if you are able to help. The group also welcomes new members – see below


Finally, PAINTING FOR PLEASURE is currently on hold following the group contact stepping down.  A meeting is being planned for members old and new who are interested in the group continuing. If you would like to come please let us know.  It will not be possible for the group to continue without a new Group Contact and we’d particularly like to hear if you would be interested in the role. We would love to see this group continuing and are very willing to support anyone willing to take over as group contact.


In the coming months the Groups Co-ordinators will be focusing on offering support to existing groups – if a possibility for a new group is suggested by a member who is prepared to become the Group Contact we shall be happy to help get this underway.  Please get in touch if you think there is something we could include in our wide range of activity groups




‘A TEAM’ PLAY READING GROUP - meets in Holt on the 1st Tuesday afternoon of the month and would like a couple more members


ARCHITECTURE - would welcome 2 or 3 new members – the group meets in Colkirk on the 4th Thursday morning of the month


ARMCHAIR BALLET -   This friendly group meets on the 4th Tuesday afternoon of month in Sheringham and would welcome a few more new members. No skills required, just ability to watch and enjoy. 


BIOGRAPHIES 1 - has room for 2 more members. The group meets in Cromer on the 3rd Thursday morning of the month


BIOGRAPHIES 2 - have informed us they are able to accept some new members.  Currently meeting monthly on the 2nd Tuesday in the afternoon, please tell us if you are interested to know more.


CHESS - This group meets weekly on Wednesday mornings, in members’ homes in the Holt area for two or three hours play, changing partners every hour or so. Regrettably the group is unable to take beginners.


CREATIVE WRITING 1 - This group meets on the 2nd Friday of every month in a different member’s house in the Fakenham/Holt area and would welcome a couple of new members.  No experience needed.


CREATIVE WRITING 3 This group would also welcome some new members. Currently meeting in Edgefield on the 3rd Thursday afternoon of the month


FRENCH CONVERSATION - This group meets on the 2nd and 4th Friday morning of the month at the group contact June Ward’s home in Holt. The level of ability varies but group members need to be competent.


LOCAL HISTORY – the group would welcome a few additional members who are an interested in the people and places in the area.  The group meets February -December on the 1st Thursday monthly at the members’ homes. Our full programme includes visits to places we have been researching or received presentations in our meetings, most of which are prepared by the members.  We have occasional guest speakers too.  No experience necessary, only an interest in the people and places in the local area.


HISTORY – the group would welcome some more members. The group meets on the 4th Wednesday morning of the month.


READING CIRCLE 1 This group meets on the 3rd Friday afternoon of the month in the Sheringham/Holt area


TEN PIN BOWLING Ten pin bowling is proving to be great fun and friendly competition.   Come and join us on the 1st Friday of each month 2 o'clock to 4 at Fakenham Superbowl

WALKERS this group meets on the 2nd Thursday morning of the month. They would welcome more members on the 3 – 4 mile and 6 -7 mile walks ONLY